Sinead Hehir Artist - Dungarvan Co. Waterford, Ireland
Sinead Hehir - Artist

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Dramatic locations where the exuberance of the water is in contrast with the solid, stagnant, emotionless forms.

My immediate response to these locations occurs with the paint, by varying the weight of paint, different textures, thickness, thinness and relationship of it to the canvas surface. My paintings have always revealed a balance of conflicts, calm amongst the chaotic, line versus form, light against dark, representation opposed to expression, imaginary or real, and instinct over rationale. These contrasting and often contradictory aspects are enhanced by the varied weight of paint.

Different visual languages have emerged where interactions of form, colour and space come up against and ambiguity of form and space.The language of the paint uncovers my visual and emotional responses, there is a continuous struggle to achieve a balance between both. Something else emerges from the paintings, the experience, which comes between both the subject matter and the representation.

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